Friday, November 30, 2007

November's Adventure

Well this is the first blog since I signed up for this. Where to begin?

Well the wife and I have been looking to purchase property in VT for some time now. We have looked high, low, left, right, up, and down. We have looked @ fixer uppers, tear downs, lots, goat trails, you name it. We had a couple good candidates, but either the bid was too low or the price too high, or we were too late. :(

After a couple of years we had slowed down looking, but as Winter approaches, we decided to take 1 more ride up to look @ several candidates. Much like the 3 bears the first one was too far, the second was too wet, etc, etc. We came across one in the range we wanted to put an offer on, but had a few more to look at. It had good potential, but on a hill (duh-It's Vermont) and lots of rocks (duh again, its in the mountains.)

We had a few left to look at and go check in to the hotel. So we went by one, and while heading to another, we decided to swing by a property we tried to buy, but didn't work out. Surprisingly there was a for sale sign on it still, but it was not showing up in the online listings. (So much is done via computer these days, between finding properties, Googling and Map questing directions town information satellite views, etc). We also noticed a For Sale by owner sign across the street in a more wooded parcel, and jotted the number down, figuring we would call later. We loved this general area, partly because the town and area is beautiful, and the people we have met there in our travels have all been really nice as well. But also the view was outstanding! See what I mean?

So we looked @ the final properties, and decided to call it a day, go to hotel, check in and relax. We got there and called on the private sale lot, and setup a meeting for the next day, they seemed really nice on the phone. So we met next morning, discussed the property, walked it, got to know the sellers, and instantly took a liking to them! Some times things just feel right. We walked and talked for ~ 2 hours, and finally excused ourselves to talk privately, telling them we would get back to them shortly. Well it wasn't a hard decision, and we stopped by their house a short time later, and after several hours of talking, signed a letter of intent to purchase the land!!! Not only have we apparently found what we were looking for, but met some wonderful people in the process.

It's really exciting for us as this is the first step of a process we have been working on for a few years now. We hope to finalize the sale in December, and possibly looking to start the building process next year. Of course I haven't mentioned where yet, and will hold off till the deal is done, but look for updates soon!