Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moving Right Along

Week 2 of tree clearing is over, and much more progress is evident! We went up Saturday morning, and while not finished, they are better than 75% done now. Both the acre and the area where the septic will be located are pretty near cleared.

It is funny that the land is fairly dry, but there is one area that a little wet. Kind of like a small spring area, which so happens to run almost directly along the path that would connect the "house" location to the "septic" location. I should note that what has been cleared out is drying nicely, so we expect this will also follow suit. But you can see why the skidder has big tires and chains.
Out back toward the back end of the septic area, there are several trees with unique growths on them. I am not sure what causes this, but will have to look into it.

So the pile of wood is slightly bigger at the roadside, and the trees on the lot are dwindling (at least in the portion we chose to clear). Hopefully in 2 weeks the grading will take place.

Finally, this is the meadow area on the western side of the property. We need to get a brush hog in there to clean it up. See if you can see my wife standing in the grass not 15 feet away from me :)

Till next time, hope you enjoy the update!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Progress is Apparent

Well Happy Fourth of July to Everyone! This week we see progress. After finalizing things over the last couple of weeks, locking in a contractor, and setting a schedule for work, Things are starting to happen!!

Last weekend, we went up and marked the areas to clear for the contractor. These areas included about one acre near the road, and another area out back for the septic system. It was fairly cool, but muggy and buggy, so everyone was sweating pretty good, and we all have a few mosquito bites to show for there efforts.
Earlier this week the logger dropped his equipment off and started clearing the marked off areas. We decided to forgo the traditional Fourth picnic and take a ride to inspect the progress. We were excited to see some of the land was indeed cleared!
This was a few weeks ago

And this was this morning!

This was probably about 1/4 of what will eventually be cleared. All the trees were stacked out by the road and different size and length piles, next to the Skidder.
We did some exploring inwards through the cleared area, and all of the smaller branches made a nice bed of green, but also made for tricky maneuvering, as the branches tend to pop up or roll on you as you trample through them.

Of course, some one could not resist the "climbing on the skidder shot"

While the end goal is building something, these things take time. We expect they will be clearing for a portion of next week as well. After that, the property will get some sun and dry out some. And a few more weeks, will be the stumping, grading and seeding. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!!