Monday, January 28, 2008

Blinded By The White

Monday and we have been back for a little while. Definitely a tough day of riding into Yellowstone. 20-30 mph winds snow blowing and drifting, 2 broken snowmobiles, and a trip to Old Faithful. No don't get me wrong, I love getting snow, and normally love riding during a snowstorm, but this was different, since it was a healthy expenditure to come out so one would expect nothing but pristine conditions-HaHaHa!

Our party was 6 people and a guide, a couple about our age from Idaho, 2 guys from Manitoba, and us. As you can see there was considerable snow to begin with

We left the hotel, and ventured into the park. Early on we stopped and saw some Elk feeding by the river totally oblivious to us.
A few miles down the road, we encounter a herd of buffalo on the banks of the river as well pretty much ignoring us.
As you can see the snow was blowing pretty good. We ventured on to the warming hut. And the snow kept coming down harder.
Shortly after leaving we had a sled breakdown, so we left along the side of the trail, and we doubled up. We made it up to Old Faithful, and we were informed they were closing the park @ 1:00, but we would be able to stay for the eruption ~12:27 +/- 10 minutes. At least we were able to see the eruption.

After the eruption we were told to leave the park, as they were closing it due to the bad conditions. The sno-coaches were slipping off the trails all over the place so it made for slow going.

We headed back through the park toward home. We ran into a large group of buffalo on the road, and they were spooked by the snowcoach we were following and started trotting toward us. We parked the sleds and them between us .

We picked up the broken sled, hooked up and towed it back. After checking our sleds in we looked out the window of the conference room and the snow outside was just phenomenal!
We cleaned up and walked into the town for dinner, and the sights are amazing. The amount of snow accumululation is astounding. They seem to move the snow to all the closed businesses, and then truck it out. Or they just leave it there.
Look for Tuesday's blog next....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I might be Flying to Montana Soon!

Well it's 10:45 EST (8:45 mountain) and after a long day of driving, flying, taking the shuttle bus we arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana for a few days of snowmobiling. Although it took 2 planes, and a 2 + hour bus/shuttle ride we made it to the hotel. We were afforded some awesome views during the flight, and on the trip, and even in town.

We drove south to Big Sky to drop off people, and while I am not a skier the hills there were awesome, as were the lodgings

There is so much snow they seem to be running out of places to put it. We probably got 4-5 inches of new snow since we arrived. We walked around a little bit(quite a challenge in all that snow and higher altitude!)

These were the sleds getting gassed up for tomorrow! Can't wait! We are doing Yellowstone tomorrow, with a 80% chance of snow tomorrow.

We had dinner in the hotel, which had a nice restaurant with the first nights meal included, I opted for the Buffalo Steak-Ribeye cut- This poor guy-

was reduced to this

Reporting from 6670 ft-Tune in for another update soon :)