Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moving Day(s)

Yes moving days ahead. Friday past we had carpet installed upstairs so it meant cleaning up and moving as much out of the room as possible. We were able to get all but the futon out and downstairs out of the way. Luan was put down to create a smoother base for the carpet.The 3 man crew showed up fairly early Friday-about and hour or so into the 4 hour window- and promptly got to work. Putting down the tack strip and pad first both in the big room and the little closets.This seemed to take no time at all next it was the main piece of carpet-I chose to supervise the carrying of the carpet upstairs. After laying the largest section the secondary pieces were bought up and the seams formed. After completing the install they cleaned up the room, vacuumed, and removed the scrap. The room looked pretty nice, but a little empty.Well we were more than able to remedy that! We brought some of the old items back up, and added a few new ones as well. We moved things around a bit and finally settled on a configuration we are going to try for a little while, then go from there.Cleaning up continued a bit outside as well. Karen and Ryan were working a bit out in the yard. We are exploring alternatives to speed up the process, and to avoid some of the manual labor. But the grass is finally coming up, just not exactly as planned.

Karen did an awesome job cleaning up and reseeding the area where the underground electric comes in from the road as well. And Ryan helped too. Nice job guys! Finally with some of the furniture moved back up we were able to clean up the downstairs a bit. This gives us a little more breathing room and the ability to relocate things that have been in temporary storage.

So now things are coming to an end upstairs, and we will be concentrating more on the outdoors, with a minor on the downstairs on those rainy days. And a couple other things on the back burner, but close to fruition. Stay tuned.........