Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Scarlet Letter and Unique Farms

Happy September! The days seem to be just flying by. Before we know it, the snowmobiles will be topped off and fired up for the new season, and I can't wait! Progress has slowed a bit on the property, but still moving forward. Today's title comes from two different sights this weekend. The first is from the picture above (more on the second later.) Today's letter is P for Permit.

I went north last week to meet with excavator, and discuss the location of the garage. After our meeting, he was going to price out costs for the foundation, and get back to me. Once we determined the location, I went to town hall and submitted my application for a permit to build the garage. As the process goes, I fill out the form, add any drawings, provide dimensional information (setbacks, property lines, etc), and a check. In turn they post a sign on my property for all to see and anyone to contact the town if they have a problem with it. This sits for 15 days after application has been approved, to give people a chance to contest the request. My permit will be accepted after September 23.

So this Saturday I went north again, partially because I had to meet with another contractor, partly because the rest of the lot had been seeded, and I wanted check out how it looked.

I was happy to not only see that it was finally seeded/mulched, but the original area that was seeded grass was really starting to come in. I met with the other contractor, and we discussed the work to be done, and took a few more pictures. The trees were just barely starting to show some color in the mountains, a sure sign that fall is starting to creep up on us.

So if all goes well, we hope to have the garage foundation done in the next 3-4 weeks, and possibly the garage by mid November (if all goes well). Redundant yes, but everything is dependant on schedules, weather, funding, and a little bit of luck. One thing can throw things off, then there is still electricity to think about.

Oh and to address the second part of the title. As we drive back and forth, and sometimes venture off the beaten path we run into different things that catch our eye. Sometimes an animal, or a scenic view or a farm. Vermont has many types of farms, and we have seen animal farms, vegetable farms, large farms, small farms, run down farms, but the other day we saw the coolest farm so far.

A Marshmallow Farm! :-)