Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Ride of the Year

December! Finally, time to snowmobile! It is sad the season always is so short. I begin with a picture matching the last blog, showing the trail by our getaway place in Vermont. We took a ride up this weekend to work on a few things, but mostly to take a ride on the trails.We traveled up Friday evening and brought our little Christmas tree and my sister had made some stockings so we hung them to give it the Christmas feel. Saturday morning was a chilly -7 outside to start. After a trip out for breakfast, we came back and puttered around for a few hours. The in yard snow gauge showed just under a foot after snow and a little rain to compact it.
I added a thermometer to the depth gauge but its a little far to see very well. It is cleverly disguised from the road as a standard Christmas decoration. I finally took the snowmobiles out and got them ready just before noon. After the sleds were primed and ready, we suited up and headed out, breaking trail on our new feeder trail, packing it down for future use. The air was brisk, the sky was clear, and the trail was hard packed. Down the trail we went, as we came out of the woods we started chasing some turkeys down the trail. Onto the rail bed to the "caves of ice" as we call it. This is always an awesome photo point and every time you drive by it reveals a different character.

We traveled on and ended up at the scenic overlook, with distant views of Mount Washington. The Mrs. posed for the camera and the snow capped Presidential Range can be seen just over her shoulder. We rode around 55 miles and that was enough for now. We did hit some rough patches, and snow is really needed to fill in the ruts, and wet spots that are finally freezing up. As always you do see some unique things on the trail, and this weekend was no exception. We passed a man with a dog sled on the rail bed. We were following him for a while and he was moving at a decent 30 mph. We passed him when he waved us on, and rode ahead and stopped to take a picture, but he U Turned before reaching us.

That is all for now. Look for more travels next year.

We here want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!